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Anonymous asked: I can't get over him, i'm dying of sadness and pain, i just wanna die. I really love him, more than my life and i don't know what to do, he doesnt love me back and probably wont anytime soon, he probably loves someone else. I feel emotional and physical pain, i feel like i'm a worthless piece of shit not worth fighting for, i have no one, litteraly no one here for me, because you know people don't like sad people who don't love life.


Oh no no no. No, this breaks my heart.

You never ever EVER love someone more than you love life. I don’t care how special he is. I don’t give a damn if he’s Prince Charming or Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome. It does not matter if he’s perfect or not perfect or anything in between; there are no exceptions, especially when he is willing to give so little in return.

Listen to me, he is just a boy, and you will meet many boys. Sometimes they will love you and you won’t love them. Sometimes you will love them and they won’t love you. That’s just life.

But one thing is for certain; you will always have yourself.

There will be times when there are no shoulders to cry on, when the sky is weeping and you think dying would be much easier than feeling like this.

During these times please realise that you are only human and sadness is just a symptom of humanness. You are 100% worth it and yet so many people will try to tell you otherwise.

Your mission in life should be to tell those people to suck it. Your mission in life is to say to them, “Your loss”.

Do not beat yourself down. A boy’s love should never define you.



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